Digital libraries: Introduction
       Edward A. Fox and Gary Marchionini
       Pages 30 - 32 
       Drudgery and deep thought
       Gregory Crane, Robert F. Chavez, Anne Mahoney, Thomas L. Milbank, Jeffrey A.
       Rydberg-Cox, David A. Smith and Clifford E. Wulfman
       Pages 34 - 40 

       The biological digital library
       Craig Nevill-Manning
       Pages 41 - 42 

       A digital strategy for the library of congress
       Alan S. Inouye
       Page 43 

       Open (source)ing the doors for contributor-run digital libraries
       Paul Jones
       Pages 45 - 46 

       Greenstone: Open-source DL software
       Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge and Stefan Boddie
       Page 47 

       Principles for digital library development
       Alexa T. McCray and Marie E. Gallagher
       Pages 48 - 54 

       Digital libraries and mobility
       Catherine C. Marshall, Gene Golovchinsky and Morgan N. Price
       Pages 55 - 56 

       Building large-format displays for digital libraries
       Michael S. Brown, W. Brent Seales, Stephen B. Webb and Christopher O. Jaynes
       Pages 57 - 59 

       Buckets: smart objects for digital libraries
       Michael L. Nelson and Kurt Maly
       Pages 60 - 62 

       Authorization management for digital libraries
       H. M. Gladney and Arthur Cantu
       Pages 63 - 65 

       Where is the librarian in the digital library?
       Christine L. Borgman
       Pages 66 - 68 

       Archival perspectives on the emerging digital library
       Helen R. Tibbo
       Pages 69 - 70 

       The Ariadne knowledge pool system
       Erik Duval, Eddy Forte, Kris Cardinaels, Bart Verhoeven, Rafael Van Durm, Koen Hendrikx,
       Maria Wentland Forte, Norbert Ebel, Maciej Macowicz, Ken Warkentyne and Florence
       Pages 72 - 78 

       Toward a sharable digital library of reusable teaching resources
       David McArthur, Sarah Giersch, Bill Graves, Charles R. Ward, Richard Dillaman, Russell
       Herman, Gabriel Lugo, James Reeves, Ron Vetter, Deborah Knox and Scott Owen
       Page 79 

       The digital library for earth system education: building community, building the
       Mary Marlino, Tamara Sumner, David Fulker, Cathryn Manduca and David Mogk
       Pages 80 - 81 

       The promise of digital libraries in developing countries
       Ian H. Witten, Michel Loots, Maria F. Trujillo and David Bainbridge
       Pages 82 - 85 

       NIUPEPA: a historical newspaper collection
       Mark Apperley, Sally Jo Cunningham, Te Taka Keegan and Ian H. Witten
       Pages 86 - 87 

       Vidyanidhi: Indian digital library of electronic theses
       Shalini R. Urs and K. S. Raghavan
       Pages 88 - 89 

       The ACM digital library
       Bernard Rous
       Pages 90 - 91