Some recent traffic on Bloglines

Here are a few examples of items that crossed my screen via my Bloglines feeds in the last few days, marked "Keep New" so that I could use them for today's presentation. They give a glimpse at the sort of thing that catches my eye...


Wikipedia & Collective Memory Oct 13 2004

River Rouge and Neobiological Industry Oct 13 2004

Kinshasa, the Imaginary City Oct 13 2004

a culture of feeds: syndication and youth culture (danah boyd) Oct 10 2004

Blog Explosion and Insider's Club: Brothers in cluelessness (Clay Shirky) Oct 6 2004

The push pull of the circle Oct 10 2004
D'Arcy Norman @ The Learning Commons
cogdogblog: flickr object Oct 11 2004
Alex Halavais
Tenuring bloggers Oct 7 2004
Pepys' Diary
Saturday 12 October 1661
Jon's Radio
Amazon/Google/WorldCat Sep 23 2004
Law enforcement memo of "imminent" terror attack? October 12, 2004

Open source, no-plugin, rich GUIs for the Web (Laszlo) October 7, 2004

New Web Engine: An Introduction to Exalead Tue, Oct 12 2004

OCLC Opens Up the Entire WorldCat Database to Web Engines and Other Partners Mon, Oct 11 2004

What's A Topic Map? Sat, Oct 9 2004