7 December 2004
It occurred to me that it might be instructive to look at the pile of Web documents I've printed out in the last few months, to put them into chronological order (by noting the date I printed them, mostly), and thus to be able to trace something of the voyage of discovery and development. A few of them weren't immediately influential (either because I didn't read them when I printed them, or because they didn't really sink in at the time), and some are still a bit opaque to me, or represent avenues I tried but didn't pursue. In LIFO order:
Video Feeds Follow Podcasting 7xii
more thoughts on similarities between software packages 5xii
Payloads for RSS (Thu, Jan 11, 2001; by Dave Winer) 5xii
Design Engaged conference
Glue 4xii, the first of Design Engaged Talking, walking and chewing gum 5xii
Designing Engagement 5xii
That Syncing Feeling 5xii
All watched over by machines of loving grace 5xii

pseudo podcasting 4xii
Forget censoring blogs; the entire Internet is in trouble 4xii
Podcasting grab bag 4xii
Personal soundtracks: Audio programming has become cheap and easy to make and has led to the rapid spread of the podcasting phenomenon. 3xii
THE EXPERIENCE DESIGNER NETWORK: Permanent Link Archive How do we learn the things we value most? 3xii
Adding an RSS feed to a normal website 3xii
Preparing for the Future of Knowledge Presentation 2xii
Recording Skype on Windows 2xii
Virtual Audio Cable 3 2xii
Making A Dynamic Upload Directory 1xii
Import Data from OPML Files (MT plugin) 1xii
Operating Manual for Social Tools [October 26, 2004] 29xi
MT enclosures plugin 29xi
Podcasts - How to Make Them Better [Nov 11, 2004] 29xi
Podcasting mechanics [Jon Udell] 23xi
Web surfing is dead! 18xi
Name that genre: screencast [Jon Udell] 17xi
iPods at the Gate 17xi
Welcome to Outliners.Com! Simple hierarchy editors [Dave Winer, UserLand Software, August 1999] 15xi
Us.ef.ul A beginner's guide to The Next Big Thing 13xi
del.icio.us experiments 12xi
Making movies of software 12xi
What is del.icio.us? 11xi
What's RS3 About? 11xi
Music for Podcasts [21 October 2004] 4xi
Simple Podcasting Setup 30x
Interview with Lucas Gonze of Webjay 26x
Automatic Site-To-RSS Feed Creation: FeedFire 25x
News Reader Documentation 24x
Podcaster Tips And Thoughts 007 - External Mixers 24x
Rip.Mix.Feed Objects? EDUCAUSE 2004 Seminar 20x
Tracing the Evolution of Social Software 14x
For the Technology Forum, on Blogging 13x
Communication dynamics: Discussion boards, weblogs and the development of communities of inquiry in online learning environments 11x
Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio [I got it 7xii] 8x
What are RSS Feeds? [3 Aug 03] 29ix
Bloglines Services 28ix
2004 Information Format Trends: Content, Not Containers [OCLC] 14ix
Distributed Categories: Something's in the Air 13ix
Performance in Everyday Life and the Rediscovery of the "Self" in Iranian Weblogs 8ix
my own Blogworld 5ix
MP3 Sound Bites [Jon Udell --here's the python script for use with RealPlayer and WinAmp] 3ix
Wide Open Spaces: Wikis, Ready or Not [Brian Lamb, EDUCAUSE Review] 1ix
Going Nomadic: Mobile Learning in Higher Education [Bryan Alexander, EDUCAUSE Review] 1ix
Educational Blogging [Stephen Downes, EDUCAUSE Review] 1ix
Instructional Models for Using Weblogs In eLearning: Case Studies from a Hybrid and Virtual Course 1ix
Prime-Time Hypermedia [Jon Udell] 5viii
Bloglines [Jon Udell] 26vii
Blogging Bibliography 21vii
Post and publish: Weblogs are creating a whole new campus culture 22iv