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A bit more than a year ago, just as I was leaving Virginia, I did an appearance on the Washington & Lee radio station, talking and playing mostly mandocello. I rescued the show from the archives (it’s about an hour, and includes a number of bits recorded with Daniel Heïkalo). At the same time, I wrote a musical rumination giving some background material. Listening and reading those things a year later reminds me of projects I was planning. Now that fall is upon us, high time to start some of them.

1 thought on “From the archives

  1. AvatarMax Nigh

    So glad you put this personal history to paper. It was great reading, and I learned a great deal.
    You are too modest, describing your closet musical role, as giving you the freedom to move. It is also a perfect vehicle to be sloppy, and that is certainly not what you are. The sloppy is my territory.
    Veratis max

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