If you don’t read anything else today

…read this from Stephen Downes. It distills a lot of my raggedy thoughts on ‘teaching’ into a potent draught. Many memorable bits, but I wish I’d said this one:

I gave up arguing during my abortive PhD, when I realized that there was no point to argumentation. I have since then tried to live what I believe, and when people would ask, to explain why I believed it. This allowed me a certain detachment, because it didn’t matter whether they agreed with me, what mattered is that my explanation was true and honest and forthright.

1 thought on “If you don’t read anything else today

  1. AvatarRon

    Nice thought, but actually being what we would like our students to be is a bit daunting to think about. I would like to think that my students could be much better…there’s the trick!

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