Using Harvard's HOLLIS --a very brief guide (HOLLIS provides much
more detail in its HELP files, but this should be enough to get
you started)


From the Liberty menu, choose  5. Liberty Functions and then 1. UNIX
 (you will see a $ prompt)

At $, type    telnet

at VE RI TAS logo, type    hollis     and <ENTER>

at WELCOME TO HOLLIS type    hu   for the Union Catalog


     kw for a keyword search  (kw apoptosis)
     ti for a title search  (ti ontogeny and phylogeny)
     au for an author search  (au darwin, charles)
     su for a Library of Congress Subject Heading search
                          (su spiders--ecology)

HOLLIS has several forms of display: an individual record appears in
the SHORT form unless you type DISPLAY LONG ( d l will do) to see the
full record.  

A kw search with more than one 'hit' is presented as an INDEX display,
most recent items first.  Examine a record by typing its number; return to
the INDEX display by typing i . 

A su search with more than 16 hits will be presented as a GUIDE display
of subject headings; if you type a number, you will see the INDEX display, 
with short titles.  To return to the GUIDE display type the letter  g  .

You can see MORE of a display by typing  m  ; you can move backwards in
a display by typing  ba .  If you are looking at a record and want to move
to the next in a set, type  n .

To examine other records in a given LC subject heading, type
   trace *s# , where # is the number of the subject heading.

You can use the command STOR to collect records, and then the command 
SEND to dispatch them by e-mail.  HOLLIS prompts you for your choice of 
format, and for your e-mail address.

E. TO EXIT FROM HOLLIS and return to Liberty, hold down the <CONTROL> key and type ] (right bracket); at the telnet> prompt, type quit and <ENTER> and you will be returned to the Liberty $ prompt.