Dictionaries useful for Biology

 TITLE        Academic Press dictionary of science and technology /
	      edited by Christopher Morris
 PUBLISHER    San Diego : Academic Press, 1992.
 Science Library-Reference      Q123 .A33 1992
		(A good place to start: the dictionary is a recent and 
		comprehensive compilation ["the largest scientific 
		dictionary ever compiled in the Engish language"]
		covering the vocabulary of 124 different fields; 
		"includes those terms that are likely to be encountered in 
		a scientific context by an informed general reader".  Also
		includes brief essays on general subjects [e.g., biology,
		crystallography, entomology, evolution by R.C. Lewontin,
		Linus Pauling, Edmund O. Wilson and Stephen Jay Gould,

 TITLE        Cambridge dictionary of biology / editor Peter M.B. Walker.
 PUBLISHER    Cambridge [England] ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1990
                , c1987.
 Science Library-Reference      QH302.5 .C46 1990              
		(developed from the Cambridge Dictionary of Science and 
		Technology, including more than 100 short articles which
		"supply fuller treatments of important and difficult
		subjects than are generally found in such a comprehensive
 AUTHOR       Lawrence, Eleanor, 1949-
 TITLE        Henderson's dictionary of biological terms / Eleanor Lawrence.
 EDITION      10th ed.
 PUBLISHER    New York : Wiley, 1989.
 Science Library-Reference      QH302.5 .H65 1989              
		(extensively revised and updated, strong on acronyms; in
		many respects complementary to the Cambridge Dictionary,
		and comparison of definitions is often productive)

 TITLE        The Facts on File dictionary of biology / edited by Elizabeth
 EDITION      2nd ed.
 PUBLISHER    New York : Facts on File, [1981]
 Science Library-Reference      QH13 .F33                      
		(fewer but longer definitions than Cambridge Dictionary
		or Henderson's)

 TITLE        A Dictionary of life sciences / edited by E. A. Martin.
 PUBLISHER    New York : Pica Press : distributed by Universe Books, 1977,
Science Library-Reference      QH302.5 .D52 1977              
		(many definitions are long, though the publication date
		indicates that the content is reaching the limits of
		contemporary usefulness)

 TITLE        International dictionary of medicine and biology / editorial
                board, E. Lovell Becker ... [et al.] ; consulting editor,
                Alexandre Manuila ; editor-in-chief, Sidney I. Landau.
 PUBLISHER    New York : Wiley, c1986.
Science Library-Reference      R121 .I58 1986  (3 vols)
 		(a comprehensive medical dictionary, including "closely
		allied" biological subdisciplines; main entries [e.g.,
		'anesthesia'] group together large numbers of terms
		[e.g., ambulatory anesthesia, angiospastic anesthesia, 
		basal anesthesia, caudal anesthesia, etc.])

 AUTHOR       Medawar, P. B. (Peter Brian), 1915-
 TITLE        Aristotle to zoos : a philosophical dictionary of biology / P.B.
                Medawar & J.S. Medawar.
 PUBLISHER    Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1983.
 Leyburn Library        QH302.5 .M4 1983               
		(a "leisurely, relaxed and reflective" volume, aimed at the
		browser: "For the best results the reader must abstain 
		resolutely from learning anything he or she does not want 
		to know and must exercise at all times the reader's
		liberating privilege --skipping."  The browser will 
		be rewarded with elegant prose and surprising insights.)
 TITLE        Keywords in evolutionary biology / edited by Evelyn Fox Keller
                and Elisabeth A. Lloyd.
 PUBLISHER    Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1992.
 Leyburn Library        QH360.6 .K49 1992              

 AUTHOR       Roe, Keith E.
 TITLE        Dictionary of theoretical concepts in biology / Keith E. Roe &
                Richard G. Frederick.
 PUBLISHER    Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1981.
 Science Library-Reference      QH302.5 .R63                   
		(provides bibliographic citations for more than 1,100
		concepts [e.g., Red Queen Hypothesis, Fitness, Group
		Selection, Lamarckian Evolution, etc.], concentrating
		on classic articles and historical development of the

AUTHOR	     Art, Henry W.
TITLE        Dictionary of ecology and environmental science.
PUBLISHER    New York : Henry Holt
Science Library-Reference      GE10 .D53 1993
	        (concise definitions for terms from various allied fields,
                a good place to start in unfamiliar terminology)
 AUTHOR       Immelmann, Klaus.
 TITLE        Worterbuch der Verhaltensforshung. English.
              A dictionary of ethology / Klaus Immelmann and Colin Beer.
 PUBLISHER    Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1989.
 Science Library-Reference      QL750.3 .I4513 1989            

 AUTHOR       Singleton, Paul.
 TITLE        Dictionary of microbiology and molecular biology / 
              Paul Singleton, Diana Sainsbury.
 EDITION      2nd ed.
 PUBLISHER    Chichester [West Sussex] ; New York : Wiley, c1987.
 Science Library-Reference      QR9 .S56 1987                  
		(comprehensive treatment of a rapidly-changing subject
		area, many definitions quite extensive and including
		ample cross references and references to literature
		to the mid-1980s)

 TITLE        The Concise Oxford dictionary of zoology / edited by Michael
 PUBLISHER    Oxford [England] ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1991.
 Science Library-Reference      QL9 .C66 1991                  
		(especially strong in animal taxa, but also including
		ethology, ecology and physiology)