10 Feb 2000
Yesterday Larry Hurd mentioned to me that he and John Knox are planning to teach such a course next year --but calling it "Biodiversity". I asked if I could play too...

So I need a place to cache stuff that seems especially relevant to this subject, long one of my interests and obviously an opportunity for GIS.

Science 21 Jan 2000 Daszak et al. "Emerging infectious diseases of wildlife --threats to biodiversity and human health (pp 443-449)

Seems to me it should be practical to teach the course using ONLINE ARTICLES in Science (which we'll presumably have access to by then), Nature, the JSTOR ecology journals...

Here's a list of kw=biogeography books from Annie, sorted by year of publication.

4 March
Some Pointers to GIS in Environmental Biology

31 Aug
An article in Science for 25 August: Richard J. Abbott et al. Molecular analysis of plant migration and refugia in the Arctic (289:1343-1346) got me thinking about this subject again, and wondering about the methods. I looked into the cited article on methods and retrieved its online version from Am. J. Botany:

Richard I. Milne, Richard J. Abbott, Kirsten Wolff, and David F. Chamberlain
Hybridization among sympatric species of Rhododendron (Ericaceae) in Turkey: morphological and molecular evidence
American Journal of Botany. 1999 (86:1776-1785)

Some others (via a 'similar articles' link):

Hiroaki Setoguchi and Itta Watanabe
Intersectional gene flow between insular endemics of Ilex (Aquifoliaceae) on the Bonin Islands and the Ryukyu Islands
Am. J. Bot. 2000 87: 793-810.

Stephen R. Downie, Deborah S. Katz-Downie, and Mark F. Watson
A phylogeny of the flowering plant family Apiaceae based on chloroplast DNA rpl16 and rpoC1 intron sequences: towards a suprageneric classification of subfamily Apioideae
Am. J. Bot. 2000 87: 273-292.

Kitty Vijverberg, Ted H. M. Mes, and Konrad Bachmann
Chloroplast DNA evidence for the evolution of Microseris (Asteraceae) in Australia and New Zealand after long-distance dispersal from western North America
Am. J. Bot. 1999 86: 1448

Randall G. Terry, Robert S. Nowak, and Robin J. Tausch
Genetic variation in chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA in Utah juniper (Juniperus osteosperma, Cupressaceae): evidence for interspecific gene flow
Am. J. Bot. 2000 87: 250-258.

Terry M. Hardig, Pamela S. Soltis, and Douglas E. Soltis
Diversification of the North American shrub genus Ceanothus (Rhamnaceae): conflicting phylogenies from nuclear ribosomal DNA and chloroplast DNA
Am. J. Bot. 2000 87: 108-123.

Alex Widmer and Matthias Baltisberger
Molecular evidence for allopolyploid speciation and a single origin of the narrow endemic Draba ladina (Brassicaceae)
Am. J. Bot. 1999 86: 1282

Gay E. McKinnon, Dorothy A. Steane, Bradley M. Potts, and Reni E. Vaillancourt
Incongruence between chloroplast and species phylogenies in Eucalyptus subgenus Monocalyptus (Myrtaceae)
Am. J. Bot. 1999 86: 1038

Nikolai Friesen, Sven Pollner, Konrad Bachmann, and Frank R. Blattner
RAPDs and noncoding chloroplast DNA reveal a single origin of the cultivated Allium fistulosum from A. altaicum (Alliaceae)
Am. J. Bot. 1999 86: 554

Brian Keane, Stephan Pelikan, Greg P. Toth, M. Kate Smith, and Steven H. Rogstad
Genetic diversity of Typha latifolia (Typhaceae) and the impact of pollutants examined with tandem-repetitive DNA probes
Am. J. Bot. 1999 86: 1226

Some other things I happened to run into while looking into PAUP (Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony):

Introduction to Cladistics

more on PAUP

list of phylogeny programs and another

Barbara A. Schaal* and Kenneth M. Olsen
Gene genealogies and population variation in plants
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 97, Issue 13, 7024-7029, June 20, 2000
(text here)

and some others (from a search of HighWire for 'refugia' in title or abstract):

Mol. Biol. Evol. 1999 16: 1724-1739.
Phylogeography of three closely related African bovids (tribe Alcelaphini)
P Arctander, C Johansen, and MA Coutellec-Vreto

PNAS 1999 96: 13869-13873.
A test of alternative models of diversification in tropical rainforests: Ecological gradients vs. rainforest refugia
Christopher J. Schneider, Thomas B. Smith, Brenda Larison, and Craig Moritz

Am. J. Botany 1999 86: 1637
Allozyme and morphological variation in two subspecies of Dryas octopetala (Rosaceae)in Alaska
Karen N. Max, Suzette K. Mouchaty, and Kent E. Schwaegerle

PNAS 1998 95: 9396-9401.
Oxygen and evolutionary patterns in the sea: Onshore/offshore trends and recent recruitment of deep-sea faunas
David K. Jacobs and David R. Lindberg

Genetics 1997 146: 1475-1487.
Phylogeographic structure of white oaks throughout the European continent
S Dumolin-Lapegue, B Demesure, S Fineschi, V Le Corre, and RJ Petit

Mol. Biol. Evol. 1996 13: 368-382.
Worldwide patterns of mitochondrial DNA differentiation in the harbor seal (Phoca vitulina)
HF Stanley, S Casey, JM Carnahan, S Goodman, J Harwood, and RK Wayne

Mol. Biol. Evol. 1994 11: 553-570.
Patterns of differentiation and hybridization in North American wolflike canids, revealed by analysis of microsatellite loci
MS Roy, E Geffen, D Smith, EA Ostrander, and RK Wayne

and results of a search for "cpDNA" in text of HighWire journals