Bestiary and Exegetical Sketchbook

Almost as soon as I sent WYGIWYS off to Blurb for its check print, I (a) found things to fix, and (b) took a few new photographs that clearly belong to the same corpus. I'm also pursuing the grail of making effective drawings (using Adobe Draw and iPencil with the iPad) of the persons and creatures I see in the vast variety of materials (rocks, wood, and ice) that cross my visual paths. A weblet to contain these new additions seems an obvious solution.

An example:

I think I was attracted to this bit of rock by its texture, and not because I immediately saw figures on its surface. They appeared as I processed the image, and my first reading of this image was of three heads, reminiscent of the Kashira heads in Miyazaki's Spirited Away:

FEM Tests with Kashira (Spirited Away) from Particle Skull on Vimeo.

(from, and see Ghibli Fandom Wiki for details. Perhaps derived from daruma dolls, which represent Bodhidharma)
...but the next day I saw it differently:
...and the next day differently again:
The very best that I can say for these is that they are clumsy, but it should be possible to refine them iteratively, and step-by-step approach something more graceful.