I did the early scans at 300 dpi, and wasn't very adept with postprocessing in Lightroom, so I'm considering rescanning any that will make it into print on paper. This page is basically to compare old and new versions.

First, two versions of an early shot, the one on the left scanned at 1200 dpi and processed 5iv2017 (614 b and 1,132px x 1,674px) and using the BW Specialty 1 preset; the one on the right as I scanned and processed about 6 months ago (300 dpi I think, 305 kb and 744px x 1,088px) and using seat-of-pants adjustment in Lightroom

...and trying one at 2400 dpi:

another pair, on the left scanned at 2400, on the right at 300:

(scanned at 2400 dpi, then cropped: 431 kb, 2,143px x 1,498px)

(on right scanned at 2400, cropped slightly)

(more cropping, seeing what Tri-X can stand)