haiku that have plants within
from Maine AT haiku (fall 2002)

blueberries scent of balsam
wind across the lake

blessed hobblebush
caught at my ankle and held
while an eft escaped

moss seems so patient
dissolving its grey substrate
life green on cold rock

do roots feel anything
about hikers' feet? perhaps
tripping's fine revenge

no picturebook trees
each has distinct imbalance
its own history

blueberry season
puddle of spoor on the trail
incontinent bear

yearling maple shoot
two tender leaves outspread
such promise such risk

two year maple shoot
more leaves more stems greater hope
a moose's breakfast

blackberries ripen
green to red and then to jet
in an August week

particolor'd leaves
harbingers of season's change
just a few today

blueberries fewer
than a week ago; smaller
am I ungrateful?

red trillium red
advertising red seed red
red edible red

club moss gathering
heads nod: agreed agenda
stay here, keep growing

leaves dry and shrivel
sun-catching done for the year
born again in spring

one maple branch
aflame among all the green
soon more will follow

days are shorter now
hobblebush leaves' progression
droop, dry, wilt and curl

jaunty bunchberry
like cherries on Grandma's hat
defying winter

some buried acorns
forgotten by their hoarders
will burst forth next spring

red fanfaronade
orange drumroll yellow flags
autumn marches forth