The recent passings of a couple of close friends have me thinking
along the lines of Maureen's Question, and a bit of YouTube serendipity pointed me to this:

I never knew the Shelburne Nova Scotia musician Robbie Smith (1954-2019),
but this Celebration of his life is a very moving tribute by his community,
and well worth watching as an example and an inspiration. It's more than an hour long,
and without a Nova Scotia connection that's perhaps a bit much.

At 43:44 is his "Part of the Song" which has these lyrics on toward the end:

And so I spend my days trapped inside a soundscape that leads to endless passageways;
I know I'll end my days trying to find my way — through the music-maze
But when I reach the ending — lost in deep sleep —
With all my colours blending, brothers — don't weep —
I knew from the start that the ending was part of this song
It was part of the song —
It's all right — it's all right — the ending is part ...
The soul of the music released from the heart of...
I knew from the start — the ending is part of the song.
(see full lyrics: Part of the Song)


I think I sent this around some time ago, can't remember the context:

Putting together this video was my response to the passing of my sister Alice, the only thing I could think of
as a contribution to the Celebration at the Strand Theatre in 2010 (full house there).