March 1999 chronology of preceding 20 years

April 1999@

hatching a Portfolio scheme

Diskman for the car (to listen to CDs)

May 1999@

working with mp3s on Windows

Freshman Home Page Project

"Integrated Writing Environment"

Global Studies notion

June 1999@

GIS explorations, Arc View

August 1999@

GIS Boot Camp in San Antonio
Napster "a virtual community of interlinked computers, exchanging MP3 files across the Web" on a peer-to-peer basis, gobbling bandwidth

December 1999@

ESRI workshop, idea for ACS server for "Digital South"

scanning negatives

Jan 2000@1i

I guess I believe that I'm at work on the digital library, that I've been working in that direction all along,
and that geography is at the core of how I can make that happen—despite what looks like
an absence of interest in the spatial stuff that I see as so interesting and central to everything,
and that I've been messing with pretty much constantly for 30 years and more.

Feb 2000@

California GIS trip

March 2000@30iii "hollow" question leads to toponym maps, using grep
"Stories for Kate" in production, scanning photos

April 2000@10iv ordered new computer and scanner and printer
Garmin GPS device

July 2000@ESRI on GIS in Education (Redlands CA)

October 2000@Passepartout coputer classrooms, Collaboratory, Web of Science jawboning

November 2000@B decides to work for Frank Settle

December 2000@thinking about a Sabbatical project

Jan 2000@appointed to the Stewardship Committee by Larry Boetsch

Feb 2001@?team-teach a course with Tom Whaley? 'Fluency' meeting in Austin. California trip. GIS and Global Studies

Mar 2001@to Tucson to see Biosphere 2 (with Larry Hurd). Parmly 302 electronic classroom proposed

April 2001@Compaq handheld; DellArte mandocello $2590

June 2001@Gettysburg conference/workshop ; ieas for an "accumulator"

July 2001@ESRI GIS in San Diego

Sept 2001@teaching ?Human Geography?

Oct 2001@Atelier Moufette

Dec 2001@Grandma's Velocipede produced

Jan 2002@ODTAA up and running

Feb 2002@decided to keep Horton Landing; Hewlett Foundation proposal

Mar 2002@introduced to the incoming President Burish by Larry Boetsch as "the most creative person at W&L"

Apr 2002@Global Stewardship scheming; trip to Brazil

June 2002@Skip threatens to quit

July 2002@ new Windows laptop; B buys RAV4; Digital Culture at Southwestern (led by Bryan Alexander)

Fall 2002@first cellphones; Sabbatical and ME AT;ACS Civil War site conceived

Nov 2002@"Information Commons" ideas; Glissentar

Jan 2003@NITLE article; thoughts about alternate futures

Feb 2003@GIS symposium at Southwestern

April 2003@ Skip left

June 2003@ACS workshop on metadata at Southwestern

July 2003@ESRI at San Diego; Chadwick reunion

Sept 2003@Information Commons under discussion (toward Leyburn transformation)

October 2003@16x summary thoughts;Disgruntlement file instantiated

Nov 2003@Kate helps us consider reorganization: DSL, new laptops, moving digital world to own domain

Dec 2003@St Lawrence GIS consultancy; wireless laptops!

Jan 2004@15i registered
Jan 2004@30i Kate ready to launch

Feb 2004@nadir: "...I ought to recognize that I'm being told to fagettaboudit."

Mar 2004@ RSS, Moveable Type, blog instantiated
18iii: "I'm pretty sure that my visionary days are over."
Kate to Maine at end of March

June 2004@ACS Metadata workshop at Southwestern (B and Tom Whaley)

July 2004@beginning to decide on ME as retirement destination;62 early retirement noted

Aug 2004@312 Port Clyde Road bought

Sept set up; "Thanks for your service now please fuck off" re: Global Stewardship committee

Oct 2004@made a Wikipedia edit re: Magical Number 7; made a proto-podcast re: musical variety

Nov 2004@iRiver and mp3s; "seeing myself as a technologist in search of niches"; Camtasia and audio podcast experiments
11xi: Letter of Intent to Retire
29xi: "nobody but me using Web pages in courses. Time to go."

Dec 2004@screencast to document; "a contunuing sense that everything is changin personal learning"; fascination with RSS

Feb 2005@Audacity (maybe worked with it earlier)

Mar 2005@recording as I walked; organizing and managing sound files; considering "broadband sound" as teaching tool; Roku Web Bridge->Web radio

April-August@mostly winding down and moving

Sept-Oct 2005@moving in, no computer discoveries

Nov 2005@using blog to organize the flow of materials encountered

11xi: still searching for effective ways to verbalize my sense that personal constructivism is the direction I need to follow—that it's the essence of lifelong learning to articulate that learning process in communications...

12xi: Cappy scanned ==> avatar
21xi: starting to scan NS Faces and upload to Flickr
25xi: schtuff wiki to hold NS Faces
28xi: Otiose Maggie in blog post
30xi: Flickr Pro

Dec 2005@16xii

somewhere just beyond my conceptual grasp is tis project, to do with self-directed learning, but I haven't found whatever the coagulat is...

Jan 2006@5i working on Joe Wilner photos

"I'm thinking more along the lines of 'demotic photography' after an exchange with Joan Larcom

more NS Faces scanned
started Volunteering at Owls Head Transportation Museum
"I continue to be riveted by a lot of the photographs in NS Faces, amazed at how much of people's essences come across once the signal encoded in a tintype is freed from the low-contrast muddiness. In some cases the technology was novel enough that it really does seem that souls are captured, and some people seem modern, or at least aren't just deer-in-headlights dressed in uncomfortable clothes..."

Mar 2006@1iii

"I think I don't miss the audience—and I'd say that blogging hasn't really replaced it. And I don't care. It's sort of like being an unknown/unsung musician—the dreams of glory don't bother me much, and I don't long to be discovered, or to be asked to dispence wisdom."

9iii I note that Radio Open Source has become an important element in my aural information world
22iii scanning Harvard-era negatives

May-June 2006@blog posting re: RSS
digitizing Scott's 78s
scanning family photos

July 2006@

"It's really personal discovery I'm interested in, not the creation of a scholarly resource"

Sept 2006@14ix my first Firehall yoga"David Byrne's Arboretum is such a good example of all the reasons not to even hink about te conventional book if one wants to convey something important: give the audience something they are NOT expecting"

Nov 2006@2xi SIMILE timeline
11xi replace iRiver with Sansa

Dec 2006@1xii Kate says I need a new computer
10xii RAM in the laptop
22xii PCMCI slot soundcard (I/O digitizing)

Jan 2007@3i reading Darkroom to Digital, "new views of my own photography provoked"

Feb 2007@8ii Yahoo Pipes

Mar 2007@17iii set up Twitter account
end of March: Kripalu

April 2007@Gardner Campbell "What kind of poem are you" my response:

Senryu is me
enigmatic smile wraped in
clever doubletalk
B's response:
my weakness—senryu
wryly observing humans
skirting the unkind
11iv to Jai Yoga, David's class

May 2007@thinking about vernacular photography, B pointed out that my photographs

July-August2007@British Isles music project

Sept-Oct 2007@Rembetika project

Nov 2007@used Claudia's Nikon DSLR ("first time I had a sense for that technology")
28xi ordered a new computer (a Dell)

Dec 2007@17xii retreading NS Faces

Jan 2008@14i making video clips, e.g., "the New Car" and "Sin of Pride"
18i using "on demand Netflix"
23i ordered Sony MP3 player and Canon scanner

Feb 2008@14ii new Denon CD player

Mar 2008@14iii a heap of Adobe software arrived

"my summary of the moment sees almost complete disconnection from the world of libraries and higher education, none of my agendas being connected to either world in any ways. My sense is that my interests and bits of knowledgability are much cooler than practically anybody, but since nobody knows that but me, it scarcely matters, particularly since I seek few outlets for that coolness"
31iii working through Adobe tutorials, thinking about "digital storytelling"

April 2008@Model T video for OHTM
9iii The Sin of Pride uploaded to YouTube
21iii Horton Landing transfer to Kate complete
22iv switch to Simvastatinstepped away from OHTM
25vi talking/plannig barn renovation
Canon camera disabled by kayak adventure

Sept 2008@3ix new camera arrived: Nikon D40

Oct 2008@6x started 25% discount at The Good Tern

Nov 2008@

15x "I'm no closer to an overall scheme, and it's so easy to get caught up in the diaspora of subjects, started hares, labels for ad hockeries, and not even see that there might be an overarching order to it all (and perhaps there isn't, or it's just not worth pursuing"
set up
17xi discovered Yamandu Costa

Dec 2008@19xii 19xii B's first photos => Flickr
Makeshift Travels

Jan 2 2009@2i new color laser printer
went off coffee
22i North Studio Rinnai installed
25i macro lens for B

Feb 2009 9ii heard about Hutch's prostate cancer diagnosis
12ii first Dr Then appointment

Mar 2009@ 2iii B has nice frost macros
3iii Mo Lotman asks for hi-rez scans for Harvard Square book

"a feeling thaht I want to narrate my photographic adventures, even if there's very little i te way of audience. It has been pretty continuously a creative enterprise, though it rarely had any eye toward publics that I wanted to define. Sort of like the music, I guess."

6iii oook blog's 5th anniversary
first visit to Home Kitchen Cafe
19iii B bought new computer at Staples
"I see that my 250GB is filling up"
31iii Old Weird America stuff downloaded, indexed

April 2009@1iv B gets cellphone
13iv 320 GB USB drive to take music files to Ron Nigh
14iv Kate scheming new sunroom at Horton Landing
16iv starting on Blues collection

May 2009@1v Pat Farrell starts sunroom at Horton Landing
14v visit Bryan Alexander in Ripton VT
26v incisor extraction, braces

"I'm not engaged in something that I'd characterize as a 'spiritual quest', and I'm far more interested in exploring body and to a degree mind—in improving my capabilities of quieting the mind, and of engaging in compassion towards others. No enlightenment is sought."

June 2009@4vi Cliff Marks visits; Tillman Crane told me about Tim Whelan's Rockport photography book store

July 2009@3vii ordered treadmill

Aug 2009@tub installed in winter bedroom, in anticipation of Richard Siegel's visit; Baker expired

Sept 2009@10ix JRB visits

Oct 2009@reading New Literary History of America
15x Happy Clam first time
28x Dell'Arte repair by Nick
31x Kate's new iMac

Nov 2009@16xi Shannon brings toolchest29xi recontacted Shel Anderson (B via Facebook)
30xi web real estate cleanup, re: Shel and 45th Report

Dec 2009@5xiiBricklin writing app for iTouch ==> "the first thing I've seen that really pushes me to the brink, and if the Tablet was available I'd be there now. I can almost imagine writing on the device."
20xiidigitizing State Street Bank images

Feb 2010@12ii considering camera questions with Kate. Considering Nikon macro lens; replaced iRiver battery, charging again
20ii Kate's new Droid phone "which really is a handheld computational device"
28ii "contemplating a dive into retro photography if the Nikons turn out to be repairable"

Mar 2010@29iii Kate's new D5000

April 2010@1iv ordered extension tubes for B3iv iPad day, "a sense that yes the world has really changed utterly"
4iv Kate's AT map; made a slide show of B's images to take to Miggs
7iv first Kindle e-book: McGee on Food
12iv iPad keyboard; wrestling with iTunes
24iv Kate got MacBook Pro

May 2010@7v decision to seek out an iMac and begin transition to the Mac world
8v bought iMac for B
9v reinstalled ROKU Soundbridge, accessing my desktop via Ethernet
10v Kate buying a 3G iPad

June 2010@19vi removed ESRI software from laptop ("ending the Era")
24vi D5000 ordered, D40 sent for repair

July 2010@23vii new scanner, to handle 4x5
30vii getting Audacity to work, vinyl ==> mp3

Aug 2010@1viii extracting files from Dell (lots of mp3s)
22viii Ron and I used Dropbox shared folder to move music

Sept 2010@8ix ordered Tokina 11-18mm lens
26ix scanning pictures of Alice
28ix video with sound in iMovie
30ix version that plays from DVD

Oct 2010@21x posted Alice video to YouTube
28x NS Faces vodeo to YouTube; using Magnatunes as music source

Dec 2010@14xii ordered Sigma 120-400mm lens
23xii scheming cable modem for us
26xii JRB moving to Mexico

Jan 2011@17i 3 photos prited in giclée (Portland)
22i /mp3/ reorganization project

Feb 2011@1ii B puts images into Getty
12ii messing with GIMP
14ii cancelled FairPoint DSL
15ii working with Lisa Mean; is up; Pour arrived on DVD
16ii B in Explorer
18ii 5 framed photos at Primrose22ii Amazon Prime gets free movies

Mar 2011@3iii Fearful Symmetries
4iii Pour to mp4
25iii photographing at Pebble Beach, CA
31iii iPhones for both of us

April 2011@2iv bought 2009 RAV4 (4Runner and Kate's Saturn traded in)
6iv gave Dell to Mo
16iv started Museum of Obsolescent Technologies
23iv Mel asks if B is interested in In Good Company show

May 2011@1v Daniel uploaded duets to Soundcloud
6v Paul Caponigro at Farnsworth

June 2011@4vi B's show at Good Tern
10vi B's show at Gelato Fiasco
30vi Dutch magazine asks for Sennett photos

July 2011@8vii Paulie Zink at Kripalu
15vii Spotify Premium
28vii first Lyme disease adventure

Aug 2011@B and Kate work on her first Blurb book

Sept 2011@8ix Richard Siegel died
19ix 'Bluenose Physiognomy' thought of as a title

Oct 2011@B works on Ice/Frost Blurb book

Nov 2011@to Indianapolis for a week; Daniel decides to move to Quebec

Dec 2011@4xii K1 headstock crack
23xii VueScan and Minolta scanner

Jan 2012@B joins Art Space

Feb 2012@18ii Martin died
23ii Home Kitchen poster to James

Mar 2012@4iii tesselation animations to YouTube
8iii Symmetry joint show at Lisa's

April 2012@7iv Chi Running at Kripalu
8iv Stephen moving to California
12iv videootape => mp4 device

"I spent so many years in didactic mindspace, in trying to make stuff intelligible or accessible to others, but I simply don't have any occasion to continue in that mode"

May 2012@4v B's Art Space opening
9v Kate and Shannon get the Airstream

July 2012@ Ripley Crek poster and YouTube video

August 2012@Show with my posters and B's silks at Lisa's

Oct 2012@9x to TJ Thompson's with K1 and Cole

Nov 2012@23xi ordered 200mm macro lens

Dec 2012@3xii think/write about photographic ambitions
12xii "thought over the prospect of a project on vernacular architecture and started to see photos everywhere..."
14xii ordered D800
20xii Doriot died

Jan 2013@28i $3000 to Lisa, as she closed Pinnacle

Feb 2013@1ii Cittern commissioned
2i machinery workshop at Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
27ii Tern reopens

March 2013@2iii Lisa's table in the shop
8iii Generac installed
15iii saw Turkish Cooking and Food Photography announcement, signed up
23iii B in Maine Photography Show

April 2013@2iv to Ajijic

May 2013@13v Apollonio cittern delivered
23v plotting blog switch from Moveable Type to WordPress
24v Shiloh Meklin died
31v Eleanor River visits

June 2013@6v to Moncton with Eleanor
8v first visit to Great Wass
12v B working on large aluminum prints

June 2013@19vi train to Boston for the day
30vimessing with Discogs re: vinyl catalog

July 2013@11vii Brunton visit. Metal prints arrive
23vii to Todd cottage on Green Lake
Fallen Aster at Bubble Pond sold to Susan Bates
29vii First Don Miller drive

August 2013@25viii Blueberry Cove Half Marathon 3:10 walking
31viii off to Turkey

Sept 2013@1ix-9ix in Turkey
15ix B's show at Ross Creek
19-23ix California trip
27-30ix Hutch, Jim, Tom, Chris, Sherry

Oct 2013@2x Kate's gift of Cthulhu mask quilt
12x Michael fixes Ron Brunton's TEAC ==>digitizing Dave and Henner's 1965 tape
16x Great Wass 5 mile loop

Nov 2013@11xi switching insurance Allstate to USAA
15xi passport renewal process begun
17xi photographed favorite rock at Ice House Cove
21xi JRB in Guadalajara hospital after fainting episode ==> pacemaker
23xi SCR visit in Florida, "even goofier than usual" says Caroline

Dec 2013@1xii Caroline's swollen leg worrisome to all ==> blood clot, coumadin
2xii ordered D610
27xii new washing machine; new Time Machine ordered; B's new iMac; new backup drive; year's end blog post

Jan 2014@begin TIAA/CREF annual payment ca. $9000
20i considering "imersive reading"
26i rediscovering 3 Farmers
30i Michael had heart attack; Downton underway

Feb 2014@18ii ordered 100mm Tokina macro lens
12ii Caroline uterine cancer diagnosis
27ii B's show at Tenants Harbor library

March 2014@5iii D800 sensor cleaned
6iii blog 10 years old; Kindle Paperwhite arrived
10iii JRB pacemaker and blood thinner issues
11iii Vetch with Dew traded for a Boathouse week
12iii-26iii to France
26iii Bill Grace says he has melanoma again
29iii Yaris bought

May 2014@1v exploring Turkey possibilities with David Hagerman
5v D40 to George Westbrook
6v Ron Brunton having kidney tumor removed
30v B's Keag River Gallery opening

June 2014@2vi B and Kate contemplate quilting B's images
8-12vi Kate in Fort Myers; Bill Grace died
28vi Don has recurring Lymphoma; Caroline says visit when she's better
29vi Kate sent off her thesis

July 2014@11vii withdrew as Personal Representative to CWS
16vii Joan Larcom visits
24vii barn removed at Horton Landing
30vii Melissa's last Fire Hall class

August 2014@3viii Ana and Clive visit
9viii Michael "in crisis"
12-18viii in Nova Scotia, 50th party
23viii Miggs in hospital (released 27viii)
25viii B decides to go out of the photography business, leave Art Space

Sept 2014@9ix Miggs to her apartment, with 24-hour attendants; to California, 50th and 71st
28ix 50th party in Maine; new iMac

Oct 2014@2x Caroline in hospital
6x Caroline in hospice (Kate in Fort Myers); Miggs also signed up for hospice
12x Caroline died
24x next iPad
28x to Daniel's, visit Jake

Nov 2014@1xi reading Gibson's Peripheral
P to Sarasota
16xi Clare says JRB has malignancy beneath his tongue
22xi B home for a few days

Dec 2014@14xii B home
17xii 5 string plectrum banjo ordered
22xii Miggs died

Jan 2015@6i-13i in Sarasota
23i cello banjo
28i Greg Holmes now our plow dude

Feb 2015@6ii hear Conte is closing
11ii James Hatch "heart attack"

March2015@3iii thinking through /50th/
16iii to France second time

April 2015@12iv signing up for Maine Media courses
17iv trying Lightroom
29iv Marion asks me to come to Ajijic (escaped 6v)

May 2015@8v Len Gittleman at de Cordova
11v reading 50th Report
15v Kippy and Ron in Concord
24v 50th Reunion
30v In Good Company show

June 2015@2vi sent D5000 for IR conversion; vihuela to Nick for fretboard
5vi Don's stem cell transplant
11vi preparing NS Faces images; Michael off the deep end
20vi Kate with Don, freaked out
29vi- at Maine Media, making Bluenose Physiognomy

July 2015@8vii to California
21vii RAID set up, 2 4TB drives
25vii vihuela returns home
26-31vii 'Publishing' workshop at Maine Media

I'm recognizing that the stance of Student of photography is fully as satisfying as trying to BE a Photographer in any public sense"

August 2015@4viii prostate biopsy ==> "watchful waiting" indicated
13viii new RAV
15viii short-scale tenor banjo from Jake
16viii CMBG boat ride and IR photo
22viii Jake repairs various
27viii Jim Manshardt visiting

Sept 2015@15ix B's Augusta Camera Club talk

Oct 2015@2x truck graveyard stealth photos
9x to Nova Scotia
13x JRB died
23x Epson P800 printer
30x ordered bajo quinto

Nov 2015@5xi California: guitar summit
14x mandonator from Stevie Coyle
17x Oregon, D McGuire

Dec 2015@7xii vinyl indexing begun
20xii North Studio reconfiguration, vinyl to barn
28xii oak shelving units for South Studio

Jan 2016@7i Infrared book to Blurb
8i scanning for Forebears; dovetailing bookcases
20i started South Studio photography library in new shelves
26i Forebears 1.0 sent to Blurb

Feb 2016@14ii Forebears 2.0 sent off
25ii Alice on FHB in Lives In Progress:

His main trouble is that he lets himself be bogged down by a myriad of petty details, and because of tat he gets so busy with them that he can't do the big things. And much of the stuff he does is really not necessary. (pg 277)

March 2016@6iii Forerbears 3.0
14iii Kate and Shannon buy Michigan house
18iii Forebears 3.2 sent to Blurb
20iii to France; Pere Lachaise

April 2016@9iv Michael in crisis again
14iv Remembered sent to Blurb

May 2016@1v InDesign workshop at Maine Media
6v barn shed metal project; InDesign subscription
13v Amelia Baldwin at Schlesinger Library; met James Cox
14v Duxbury surprise
26v Joe Wilner sent to Blurb

June 2016@9vi new Time Machine drive
13vi Jim and Dori visit

July 2016@4vii Remembered 2.0 sent to Blurb
6vii to California
30vii Tesselations sent to Blurb

Aug 2016@4viii B show at Good Tern; organizing MRI biopsy at Deaconess
9viii to Michigan via Magog
23viii gravichord from Jake

Sept 2016@6ix YMMV to Blurb
20ix Deaconess Dr Chang
27ix Old Woods Farm trails explored
28ix new dining room stove installed

Oct 2016@1x Winchester HS 55th Reunion
8x to Nova Scotia
26x last conversation with Hutch
29x MRI at Deaconess

Nov 2016@5xi heard that Bob Frary had died
7-8xi biopsy #2
15xi new stressless chair, kitchen table
16xi biopsy reults ==> f2f re: treatment options
17xi drafting chairside table and shelves
18xi Carol Lawson and Dirk both died; Erni Martin died in early Nov
19xi B started picking up along Route 131
23xi Hutch died
26xi realized the vihuela-oud relationship
27xi viola da terra from Jake
29xi I start picking up trash

generally have a feeling that all sorts of things are within my grasp musically
Dec 2016@2xii Apollonio bell cittern
6-7xii Dr Chang and Dr Kaplan at Deaconess
14xii Scarlett device for recording
18xii back to Deaconess for preparation exercises
23xii first full circuit of pickup

Jan 2017@13i-25i in California
24i Colma cemeteries
27i Kripalu with Rodney Yee
30i pre-op meeting at Deaconess

Feb 2017@14ii to Boston, back 18ii
23ii to Boston for Foley removal

The question is: which of a thousand things shall I turn my attention to next? That's always been a question for me, and in fact it really doesn't matter what I choose. I could wish that I had better means to trace my paths among the 10,000 things, though that would mainly let me tell tales a bit more easily. Of course there are contingencies attached to choices, and possibilities are foreclosed as choices are made. But without serious purpose it doesn't matter much—and I'm short on serious purposes just now.

March 2017@4iii Kate's Recovery Quilt arrives; /SSB/ pages
8iii new film scanner
17iii Wick to Florida
24iii Emma's pancreatic cancer diagnosis

April 2017@1iv Wick in hospital in Florida
4iv B and Kate at work on "enormous laser-cut puzzle"
14iv to Nova Scotia
22iv to CT for Hutch's memorial
25iv Wick at Quarry Hill
28iv Don Miller died
30iv Wick home finally, but nmerous trips to hospital(s) to deal with cathter blockage

May 2017@6iv web page of Abandoned Ancestors
13v Lynn English High '29 being scanned
14v taking down Shutter and Stitch at In Good Company
17v arranging first stair lift for Wick
19v Wick to Portland urologist for second opinion
23v 3 month Deaconess checkin
28v Spoonflower satins sent for printing
31v on-demand hot water heater schemed

June 2017@3vi Dale Kaplan's Maine Media workshop
4iv-14iv Jim and Dori visit
22vi John fired from Verizon
23vi to California by car

July 2017@6vii saw Emma briefly
11vii Emma died
14vii visit Jan and Mesa
16vii Emma's memorial service
20vii visiting Vince and Gina in Logan UT
23vii visiting Kent in Lincoln NE
25vii visiting Kathy in Fairfield IA; met with Judy Booth
27vii St Ignace

Aug 2017@1viii home again
3viii signed up for Ilachinski workshop
11viii Acadia NP carriage road photographs
16viii Barbara Kehler's breast cancer diagnosis
17viii Karen, David and Maia visit, Martin mandolin to Maia
22viii on-demand hot water installed
25viii new Western Digital 2TB drive
26viii talked with Paul Caponigro at Home Kitchen
27viii Blueberry Cove Half Marathon together
29viii counting cigarette butts started

Sept 2017@1ix 100th day of trash pickup
9x to Boston: Mt Auburn, Caponigro at Pucker Gallery, Back Bay alleys, MFA
14ix Dave and Henner visit
16ix Great Wass rock portraits
18ix working on Ilachinski workshop assignments
19ix Julie Wortman interviews us for St George Dragon
20ix 'meditation group"

I'm pretty much stuck with attending when we're here, but that's ok, I'm content to sit and think or just breathe
23ixSCR reports diagnosis of "some level of Alzheimer's"
26ix Dick and Usun Goldman in town
leaves me wrestling with issues of recognition as a Photographer in the Serious camp. Wholly unnecessary, but still niggling and suggesting that I have work to do inside my own head on various grounds, including invideous comparison and judgement and pride
27viii meditation
I was relieved in mind to focus upon the absence of necessity for validation re: my photography <==that's not necessary or desirable, and can simply be dispensed with. Surprised that it's in the least surprising, once I've thought of it.

Oct 2017@2x to Boston Back Bay alleys
4x Enso and Doors on Beacon Hill; B misses curb and xxxx ankle
5x John has Amazon interview
10x Bev McCullogh and Tom visit

Nov 2017@4xi-9xi in Nova Scotia
13xi to Concord to see Kippy and Ron
23xi Ilachinski workshop ends
26xi B orders Sony A7ii
27xi to Boston to hear Christopher Lydon and Amanda Palmer
30xi to Jake's with Vega banjo for new head; left Cole for work

Dec 2017@9xii dinner chez John and Wende with Siegenthalers
11xii satins to Kate for backing and binding
17xii scanned Ng Jela photos

Jan 2018@15i building chairside unit for Wick, and stair rail install
24i first sittling chez John and Wende

Feb 2018@5ii found Bodhidharma at Drift Inn
15ii PSA "undetectable"
25ii B submits photos to Lenswork

Mar 2018@5iii Wick's second stairlifts installed
9iii Irix 11mm lens ordered
14iii vol III of Horton Landing Improv
15iii Laura had miscarriage
17iii to Schwamb Mill for Len's opening
22iii Gone Tomorrow to Blurb

April 2018@7iv-12iv to Nova Scotia

May 2018@2v Just A Rock to Blurb
16v renovated Cole returns from Jake
20v to California, driving

June 2018@19vi Veillette at Gryphon

July 2018@7vii home again
29vii Great Wass
31vii B will be in Seeing in Sixes!

Aug 2018@20viii'legacy' stuff for Convivium
CAB papers
25viii to Islesboro
30viii LANAP procedure Dr Then; B Lenswork submission

Sept 2018@19ix-25ix Gaspé trip

Oct 2018@3x Library photo show
5x to Boston for Emma's memorial, visited LeGates
11ix Nikon Z7 arrived
24x colonoscopy; Seeing in Sixes arrived
31x Karen and Robert's beach visited
Oct 2018 Flick photostream

Nov 2018@3xi Lenswork arrived
9xi Full Frontal Spiritual Manifestations created
21xi pool cover for Wick; online Wired article

Dec 2018@2xii John to India
11xii Alan andMonika Magee dinner with James and Susan
14xii B does interview with Brooks Jensen
25xii new South Studio shelves; new RAID drive and Time Machine

Jan 2019@

I taught how to learn, largely by continuing to learn myself. It worked for me, and perhaps for some of my students.
12i B's portfolio at
20i Wick says "ready to call it a day"
24i Wick chooses hospice, moved home
26i Bruno nylon mandocello
28i Wick died

Feb 2019@2ii to Boston MFA for Ansel, but Graciela instead
4ii photo accepted for Maine Photography Show

Mar 2019@28iii to Jake's with 8 instruments; zither banjo acquired

April 2019@6iv depart on California trip

May 2019@home from California 20v
29v electric 5 string from Jake; Kippy and Ron visiting

July 2019@10vii LeGates visit
11vii Granite Gallery show hung
17vii my pop-up show
23vii Wick's memorial at Strand, Farnsworth, Primo

August 2019@11viii-29viii Newfoundland trip

Sept 2019@17ix Orpheum Resonator
21ix took several instruments to Jake
22ix Pemaquid

Oct 2019@1x aanother 2TB drive, portable for InDesign workshop
4x to Black Pond with Stephen
13x Baby Dragon handbill
14x-18x InDesign workshop at Maine Media
23x bouzouki from Nick Apollonio
26x Schoodic excursion
31x new iPad and laptop ordered; Elevenses sent to Blurb

Nov 2019@4xi Adoce CC suite
10xi Taking Refuge in Ot
14xi to Boston
21xi torn meniscus diagnosis for ailing knee
22xi propane tanks moved; knee MRI
26xi to NS

Dec 2019@4xii heat pump installed
5xii Weymann tenor harp from Jake
9xii Honored at the Grange Annual Meeting
15xii Roger Caillois discovered
18xii risible <--> numinous; Brian's lymphoma diagnosis
31xii Time For Lights Out

Jan 2020@3i WYGIWYS sent to Blurb
7i Bestiary and Exegetical Sketchbook started
14i re: Walter Benjamin
16i new stove installed
30i Popova Figuring

Feb 2020@2ii making videos of photographs; John in India again
5ii Home Kitchen Cafe video #1
8ii Lynn English video
9ii ankle accident
12ii satins arrived
15ii Maine Media Premier Pro workshop
21ii Kate calls re: Shannon breakup

Mar 2020@3iii Eggs Is Eggs video
5iii Scallop video
7iii Specials video
10iii Kate arrived
14iii video of my images
15iii new garden plan
16iii new Visio monitor
18iii Kehlers escape from France
19iii first Convivium on Zoom