Tibetan Book of the Dead
'Liberation through Hearing during the Intermediate State' (or Bardo Thodol)

It's interesting to explore the variety of takes on the Rituals surrounding the Bardo,
and to consider various facets of the Appropriation of cultural materials

Hard to know which of the videos is really useful,
so for the moment it's just a heap to be sorted

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And so to the Appropriators:

The text of Bardo Thodol was acquired by Walter Evans-Wentz, and he arranged for its translation and promulgation.
There's a backstory in Theosophy that would be worth following, elsewhere.

Evans-Wentz (1878-1965) in Wikipedia

Stanford (1902?-1906), Jesus College Oxford (1907), folklore in Celtic lands, 1918- to India; Book of the Dead 1927 Oxford UP

The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries pdf (OUP 1912)

A look in the life of Walter Y. Evans-Wentz (Theosophical Society Point Loma)

Laurie Anderson Songs from the Bardo Spotify playlist