mid-August, 2021
George Booth's cartoon epitomises the feeling I have about the cascade of apparent happenings out there. Of course we've never been in control of that knowledge, and there's always been a torrent of the inexplicable, but right now it seems especially perplexing: COVID, Afghanistan, climate, polarization... We take pride in explanation and understanding, but there's so much now that seems to make no sense. I'm beginning to wonder if I've outlived the world I thought I understood..

This makes as much sense as anything, I guess:

(and don't miss the last minute, 6:00 to 7:00)

All sorts of miscellaneous Evidence has crossed my path in the last week, and I'm trying to make some sense of it. I've been listening to the Audible reading of Stand on Zanzibar (The Weird 1969 New Wave Sci-Fi Novel that Correctly Predicted the Current Day), occasionally dipping into the print version to better understand the book's delicious complexities, and that's encouraging my predilection for a narrative in the 'Camera Eye' and 'Newsreel' perspectives of John Dos Passos' USA trilogy I mentioned last week. So it's reasonable to organize and display a menu of the week's Hares Started

The rapid twisting and running of a hunted hare is here used as a metaphor
for the pursuit of a topic in an animated conversation,
especially one in which the participants hold strong views.
(Oxford Dictionary of Idioms 2004 2nd edition)

(one commenter notes "If someone started a hare in my conference, I'd be inclined to slip the leash on my greyhound.")

Once again I note that this gatheration is mostly for my own edification, to keep track of things encountered ("KFTF" : Keep Found Things Found), and it's not a complete record, just things that seem especially engaging.