The Next Blurb Books

The thing about a codex book is that you can hold it in your hands. It doesn't need to be charged, you can store it on a shelf, you could even read it in the bathtub. And the thing about self-publishing via Blurb is that the author has complete control over the process: no editors, no accountants, no distributors taking a cut. There are downsides: it's expensive on a per-copy basis, the layout software is complicated, and the author will never garner fame for the products. It's all very niche and self-indulgent, and may be a bit challenging for users.

In the wake of our September 2022 Joint Show I am wondering what next? with photography, and I realize that I have at least 8 different image collections that are begging to have their own Blurb books. My purpose here is to make spaces for each of those projects to begin to accumulate images and text and wild-hare ideas, so that I can keep track of them and solicit the help of like-minded friends in augmenting and constructing the eventual books. The titles below are tentative, and the links (some rather old) are just the beginnings: