Andy says:
At the risk of adding yet another "mini exercise" (to you, Hugh), I'd be greatly interested in what you discovered about yourself through doing this first exercise. Looking over your work, my suspicion is that you are naturally predisposed to self-reflection, but I'm guessing that in the process of putting together your "Session 1" contribution, you've already achieved some insight?
Yeah, well, insight happens. It happens all the time, sometimes gets written down in screeds and maunderings, sometimes is "catch and release" and doesn't get recorded, often provokes projects, purchases, hareings-off in new directions... The last month or so of thinking about and preparing for the workshop has occasioned an especially intense immersion in my photography library and in photographic expeditions, and thus a lot of reflection on my own issues around being a Photographer. And those lead naturally and directly into meta-ish insights that overflow the boundaries of 'art' and 'photography', which is a Good thing. Here's this morning's caffeine-fueled summary of that mare's nest of thoughts: And sketching all of that reminded me of a blog post inspired by Gompertz' What Are You Looking At? and of Leonard Koren's essential book Wabi-Sabi for Arists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers which I got out to read again. And so it goes.

Just yesterday I minuted in the little Moleskine that accompanies me everywhere that I aspire to approach photography as Thelonious Monk did the piano: