Of Significance, one way and another

In an attempt to gauge how my photography has developed in the years since taking up digital means of production, I tried the exercise of going through my Flickr photostream from its beginning (in 2004), looking for images that seemed to represent particular Stages, turning points, stages, significant junctures in my photographic history, and examples of how I was seeing at various times. There's no simple linear pathway through the resulting stream (digressions and wild hares at every turn), and I don't know that the set would speak to anybody else as it seems to whisper to me. These are things I saw and found it worthwhile to try to capture.

Baldpate 16 Sept 2008 lichens
seems to be the first time I looked down and looked around with the then-new D40
Baldpate September 16

22 Sept 2008 Fallen Aster at Bubble Pond: Betsy's magnificent capture,
and really the beginning of her re-emergence as a Photographer
Pemetic Mountain

I did this at the same place:
Pemetic Mountain

Drift Inn 2 Jan 2009
another look-down-look-around capture
one from Jan 2009

DriftInn rock 5 Jan 2009 "424b"
perhaps the first digital photo I did of patterns in rock

wooden creature 10 Jan 2009
the earliest creature among digital captures
seaweed-bedecked wooden creature

harbor ice 30 Jan 2009
pattern apprehended
harbor ice

float bumpers 30 Jan 2009
float bumpers fraying
(but compare with Broot's of same, much more interesting)

Port Clyde light 2 Feb 2009
light like this is a frequent midcoast pleasure
Port Clyde afternoon light

tide out 4 Feb 2009
many trips to this nearby beach
the tide is out

hydrological exercise 4 Feb 2009
hydrological exercise

river ice margin 8 Feb 2009
river ice margin

giraffe's neck 18 Feb 2009
I should have thought of Siskind, maybe did subliminally
giraffe's neck

portly Hessians 27 Feb 2009
a developing series
portly Hessians

flock of clothespins 6 Mar 2009
a flock of clothespins

they also serve who only sit and rot 16 Mar 2009
the fascination with decay, and the allusive title
they also serve who only sit and rot

a day earlier 15 Mar 2009
a day earlier

rock creature bites blue-eyed prey 16 Mar 2009
an early rock creature capture
rock creature bites blue-eyed prey

Monterey aquarium 23 Apr 2009

Big Sur marathon 25 April 2009
somewhere on the Big Sur coast, during the Marathon

Greene headstone 8 Oct 2009
an early gravestone capture, years before the Remembered project
Wooden grave marker, side B

Church of the Holy Bean Blowers, Back Bay Boston 8 Nov 2009
a locale I've returned to many times
Church of the Holy Bean Blowers, Back Bay

shrieking tree creature 9 Nov 2009
seen as a creature, long before the wounded project was imagined
shrieking tree creature

moonset 1 Dec 2009
Moonset, 5:15 AM

B in snow 25 Mar 2010

B with 2 iPads 30 April 2010
a significant moment in digital access technology, the iPad's first day on the market
Betsy with TWO iPads

21mm 18 Sept 2010
ultrawide selfie

Rockport rocks 5 Oct 2010
early rock texture capture, unwitting homage to Siskind again

Ripley Creek 1 Nov 2010
one of a year-long series, realized as a mosaic poster
Ripley Creek morning

Hosta leaf 13 Nov 2010
Hosta leaf

Drift Inn 18 Nov 2010
Low tide at Drift Inn Beach

low tide at Drift Inn 19 Nov 2010
Low tide at Drift Inn again

fluvial process at Birch Point 21 Nov 2010
Fluvial Process at Birch Point

B at Birch Point 8 Jan 2011
Birch Pt 6

Marshall Point 16 Jan 2011
obligatory Marshall Point photo

apotheosis of chard 15 Feb 2011
the first of many tessellations, collected in my Fearful Symmetries Flickr album
apotheosis of chard

tafoni 25 Mar 2011
revisiting a San Mateo County beach where we photographed in 1968-69
tafoni 20

forsythia 26 Apr 2011
Forsythia about to leap into flower

Good Tern show 3 Sept 2011
my first foray into public display
Good Tern show

new instrument at Mel's 17 Dec 2011 (photo by Broot)
Betsy's first show at In Good Company, Rockland ME
The new instrument deployed

HKC poster 11 Feb 2012
a mosaic poster, see also the Blurb book Order Up!
Home Kitchen Cafe

Rockland sunrise 16 Feb 2012
Another of that Rockland sunrise

banners show 7 Mar 2012
a collaborative show of Betsy's work, including some of my tessellations
Hung 3

infinitude 17 June 2012

Ripley Creek mosaic 13 Jul 2012
the upshot of more than a year of photographing the same scene
Ripley Creek: winter comes and goes

joint show 13 Aug 2012
Poster on silk

Birch Point 22 Oct 2012
BirchPoint1 7

Yarmouth MA 10 Nov 2012
Yarmouthport WW I memorial

found along the road 9 Dec 2012
message found on the side of the road

D800 unboxed 17 Dec 2012
a hardware watershed for Betsy

Ice chunks 21 Jan 2013
ice chunks

folded ice 21 Jan 2013
folded ice

Great Wass Island 8 June 2013
Great Wass Island

Turkey 3 Sept 2013

Turkey 3 Sept 2013

Turkey 3 Sept

Turkey 6 Sept 2013

Turkey 6 Sept 2013

25 Oct 2013
bearded skull

mussel shells 5 Nov 2013
mussel shells

Swiss chard dolmas 6 Nov 2013
dolmas (Swiss chard)

favorite rock 17 Nov 2013
photographed many times, always different
askance in BW

D610 9 Dec 2013
hardware watershed for me
The Brown Truck has been and gone

seasmoke 17 Dec 2013
one of the few I've had printed and framed
point with seasmoke

expired and melting mirrored turbaned dude, on the lap of a Goddess 8 Mar 2014
expired and melting turbaned dude, on the lap of a Goddess

window in Brittany 18 Mar 2014

Brittany roadside 21 Mar 2014
along the road

dark angel 20 Dec 2014
dark angel

Paris 26 Mar 2015
The Piper at the Gates of Eve

Gyorgy Kepes May 26, 2015
Gyorgy Kepes

Coastal Maine Botanical Garden 16 Aug 2015

Long Pond, Winchester MA Nov 4 2015
leaves and needles

Klamath Wildlife Refuge 16 Nov 2015 2015
Klamath Wildlife Refuge

only milkweed Nov 17 2015
only milkweed3

Père Lachaise 22 Mar 2016

Achorn Cemetery, Rockland 14 April 2016
Achorn Cemetery in Rockland

monks bowing 26 Aug 2016
Boothbay Lichen x4a

Mount Auburn Cemetery beech tree 24 April 2017

Monhegan vegetation 17 June 2017

Monhegan rust 17 June 2017

wayang puppet 7 July 2017
wayang puppet

cosmos 26 August 2017

empty wings 26 Aug 2017
empty wings

angel of woe 16 Sept 2017
angel of woe

Marshall Point 20 Sept 2017

enthroned 21 Sept 2017

artless art in Boston's public alleys 3 Oct 2017
artless art in Boston's public alleys

Saltus beach 2 Nov 2017
Saltus beach

Memento mori 14 Nov 2017