(Text of 50th Class Report submission)

Since 1965 I've enjoyed 50 years of largely self-directed education: two Peace Corps years in Sarawak, five graduate school years at Stanford, almost 20 years of research and teaching in Nova Scotia, a year and a half in library school at Simmons, 13 years as Science Librarian at Washington & Lee, and nine years of retirement in midcoast Maine. Each of those is its own odyssey of learning, and I continue to unpack their various lessons.

Elements of the last two decades of work and play can be found via http://oook.info, including links to my blog, to my Flickr photostream, and to several longer-form efforts to chronicle my own intellectual and musical wanderings.

So much in life is accident and happenstance, branching pathways in chutes and ladders, whims of the various gods. I recognize debts to many who nudged my trajectory into what turned out to be productive directions, and regret that I wasn't more adept at finding ways to express gratitude, particularly to those who have exited Stage Left.