Haiku is/are something that just seems to happen. This morning (2 March 2015) I woke with one assembling, and got up in time to write it down before it faded:
steps counted: now five
and then adding to seven
and to five again
A couple of others followed in its wake, both meta-ku (in that they're about writing haiku):
small things examined
dissected, categorized
finally archived

lapidary phrase
perhaps orthogonal leap
euphonious end

There's either nothing to this or maybe everything. I'm not serious about haiku as an art form (some would say that what I am is funnious...), in that I'm inclined to work at it, or assiduously seek out a community of the like-minded. Now and again the 5-7-5 form simply asserts itself, and I play with it for a while; then something else comes along and the senryu fairy goes into occlusion. Much the same pattern can be seen in musical and photographic enthusiasms: I prize my amateur status.